Site Renovation

As of today, the website is going to be renovated to improved quality of services.

Planned Changes:

  • Jomarcenter Gaming Studio post from the official Jomarcenter facebook fan page have been moved to it’s dedicated fan page at but updates for other product and services (Jomarcenter gaming gear, Jomarcenter Media) will still be posted on the official jomarcenter facebook fan page.
  • Game listing will be updated on all games that have been release and still being developed.
  • New quality of life content and updated game pages to reflect the new restructure of the studio.
  • New page to contact the studio will be added to the blog.
  • Revamped beta testing survey and beta tester registration form.

This is just the beginning of a new servicing year and we hope that the improvement will enhanced the new quality of life for all games and services in the future while improving product quality in the future.




Download Our new game and Vote for Another world the tree of promises on IGMC

Hello this is MJM of Jomarcenter We would like to Announce the preview version of Another World: the tree of promises is now available.

you may download the game at

And also Vote for Another World: the tree of promises on the IGMC if you like the game.

thank you

Major Overhaul

The site is being renovated as of now you may see changes in any of our links and also the removal of some link in this blog. We are also working on having games pages to this site. To give you better conveniences in distributing the games that you may love.

You can still browse the site. But there will be a ton of bugs coming here and there.

– JC Site Admin

Development Status of All games

Well it really a busy year here is the following games that is under developed.

Free to Play Games
Town of illustive Episode 2 (2014 Project)
The Seven Tower (Development start since 2012)

Undetermined Status (Possibility to be Commercial or non-Commercial Release)
Future Helper: Science and Magic Family Reunion War 1 (Development start since 2013)
Project World Of magic 1 (2014 Project)
Connected: Destiny (Development since 2013)

Commercial Games (Buy to play)
None as of the moment!

Development info

Project World of Magic 1
A newest  planned project that will be developing for the whole month of June and also for a competition from RPG Maker and Humble Bundle. Planned to be a totally different game that is outside of the Future Helper Universe.
going to be written by M.J.M.
No further plans is being developed and hopefully we can release a full demo by the end of June.

The Seven Tower
In regards with the Preview Version of the Seven Tower game. We deeply apologized that we have to delay the release of the Preview copy. But hopefully we can release the Full Preview ASAP. We are just polishing the Preview demo and including a special Preview Version only Mission that give you the better advantage of the full game.

Town of illustive Episode 2
In regards of the game release. We are currently finalizing the supposed story-line for episode 2. As we are putting logic first.

Future Helper: Science and Magic Family Reunion War 1
In regards of the series. We are planning to release the game as more future helper games release. To prevent any confusion with the past event, spoiled other games in the series and such.

Connected: Destiny
Same as Future Helper: Science and Magic Family Reunion War 1 we are going to release the game as more future helper games release. To prevent any confusion with the past event.

(SPECIAL POST) Developer’s Game Development Story

Well I think it a high time to post something about myself. When I was at the age of 7 I started playing video game with my old “Windows 98” computer (Which is already hook up to the internet) my first game that I played is some of the Flash game in (Which I forgot the name of the game that I played) and I started to like video game and Loved it, After a few month ago I got the “PlayStation System” as a gift and try the game called “Crash bandicoot” Which I finished after a few days which make my hobby is to play Video game During the weekends. After a year ago I got  the “Gameboy System” and play my first game there called “Pokemon crystal version” Which is my first game on my portable console and I always started bring my “Gameboy System” everywhere I go and also started getting “Pokemon” related stuff also. After that I started playing random games in any website when I got bored, I stall have no problem with School even in other subject. Let’s skip few year ago until today I started Game development in April using the program called Rpg maker vx ace (made by “Enterbrain, inc.”) A program that allowed you to create games that does not required any program or advance skills just to create games made by and created a demo for my first game called “Future helper and the seven towers”. RPG MAKER

It was a good time that I create videogame instead of playing with it. I do enjoy making Puzzle, Action, RPG games just for your entertainment and started to like it. Now during my game development I started joining the RPG maker vx ace nugget crash course competition (my first competition that required to use the engine) to see if my skills is great than all the other but end up a losing since my skills isn’t very good yet. So I started trying to improved my skill with it and saw it getting good but I stall don’t show any game with my skills yet. So this is my story and until today this is what I’m doing and it my hobby right now.

If you like to create game but don’t have the programming skill nor skills to use other engine I recommended to use the RPG maker series made by “Enterbrain” you may download it at the link below.

Make your own game with the RPG maker series

Thank you for reading my story Smile

Mystery manor Updates 8/26/2012

Mystery manor Updates 8/26/2012

Well the working of mystery Manor is going to be Great there were no scheduled problems than the previous game that was currently in production Character design and other important thing that i need to check with. But i think it would be finished within a few days or so before the deadline. And also Someone will be going to make the music for the game.(Well he said so!)

That it i guests so please visit for more info about the game.

thank you and have a great day.

games updates

that right here is some of the production updates of the following games.
Future helper and the seven towers: postpone
Future helper science and family reunion war: postpone
Mystery manor: start of production as of 8/21/2012

that is end of updates
see ya soon
jomarcenter games


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