(SPECIAL POST) Developer’s Game Development Story

Well I think it a high time to post something about myself. When I was at the age of 7 I started playing video game with my old “Windows 98” computer (Which is already hook up to the internet) my first game that I played is some of the Flash game in yahoo.com (Which I forgot the name of the game that I played) and I started to like video game and Loved it, After a few month ago I got the “PlayStation System” as a gift and try the game called “Crash bandicoot” Which I finished after a few days which make my hobby is to play Video game During the weekends. After a year ago I got  the “Gameboy System” and play my first game there called “Pokemon crystal version” Which is my first game on my portable console and I always started bring my “Gameboy System” everywhere I go and also started getting “Pokemon” related stuff also. After that I started playing random games in any website when I got bored, I stall have no problem with School even in other subject. Let’s skip few year ago until today I started Game development in April using the program called Rpg maker vx ace (made by “Enterbrain, inc.”) A program that allowed you to create games that does not required any program or advance skills just to create games made by and created a demo for my first game called “Future helper and the seven towers”. RPG MAKER

It was a good time that I create videogame instead of playing with it. I do enjoy making Puzzle, Action, RPG games just for your entertainment and started to like it. Now during my game development I started joining the RPG maker vx ace nugget crash course competition (my first competition that required to use the engine) to see if my skills is great than all the other but end up a losing since my skills isn’t very good yet. So I started trying to improved my skill with it and saw it getting good but I stall don’t show any game with my skills yet. So this is my story and until today this is what I’m doing and it my hobby right now.

If you like to create game but don’t have the programming skill nor skills to use other engine I recommended to use the RPG maker series made by “Enterbrain” you may download it at the link below.

Make your own game with the RPG maker series

Thank you for reading my story Smile


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