Cosplay Selling Policy

Jomarcenter Games and it’s division always give you freedom with our contents on how you make them. (Except for piracy please don’t do it)

Because of news surface and legal such. As the same  as our youtube policy.
We always allowed Cosplayer to make their Costume from our game series and sell it anywhere. Heck we even can give you licenses to sell such costume.

If you need help with costume design we can also give you a digital sketch design of our character uniform, costume, clothing, etc… if you want to work on it.

We won’t sue you for selling cosplay that is based on the game series made by jomarcenter
games and it’s division.

We also allowed you to wear it anywhere you like. (Unless by law and or convention rules you cannot be wearing in costume within or outside of such area)

Jomarcenter won’t sue you for cosplaying our style, And it Stupid and a waste of money that we can spend on making more great content for you guys.

Information contain here is not consider legal advice for yourself. If you need legal advice please consult an legal attorney.


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