Let’s Play Policy

Updated as of  August 2015

Jomarcenter Games gives you the right to
create video content with the product and
software created under the jomarcenter name.
As long as you have purchase/acquired the
product or software legally. You have the
right to upload the video to any website.
As long as you are distributing the video

Do and Don’t
You are allowed to put ads/monetize on the video content.
You are not allowed to use the video for Pay to watch system (ex. paywall).
You are required to credit Jomarcenter for the product you are showing.
You also need to show the link to the game in question.
You are allowed to criticized.

Note: Jomarcenter may track and/or show the video when it went public.
but all profits made with the video are 100% yours.

In case if the video went down:
If Jomarcenter take down the video.
Please contact Us to fix the problem or appeal the video in question.

If other companies take down the video.
In case if another company take down the video.
Please contact us with the detail why it was taken down
and who. We rest assured that jomarcenter have the rights
to use the content in the game. And we will investigate
the reason behind the take down.
Learn more about copyrights on videos content: http://www.youtube.com/yt/copyright/index.html
(Thanks to youtube/google for providing the informations)

Information contain here is not consider legal advice for yourself. If you need legal advice please consult an legal attorney.


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