Open Creativity Policy

Jomarcenter Gaming Studio and Jomarcenter International have always open to creativity. Censorship on the other hand is anti-creative and thus we are fully against censorship regardless of reasons.

Jomarcenter Gaming studio kept it’s promise by providing censor-free games available to all regardless to what person, religion, and anything that might matter to you.

What we do about our content:
Jomarcenter gaming studio and all jomarcenter network division have a open creativity policy which allow all of it’s members to be open when creating content regardless of what in it.

All partners are required to have a full details for the reasons of the censorship IN PUBLIC (regardless of reasons as well) as this is against our policy in keeping the reasons not available for public knoledge.

Cultural, Religious, and other influences are ignored and/or discourage to the development team during development, releasing, and testing the product.

We provide a Full Uncensored Version of a particular game if it censored by our partners (English release). The partners are required to comply to the policy and provide their full sales information for us to verify if you have purchased the game or not.* (as long as if the content is considered legal by your local law) (note: in case if the product is from a console game we will provide a 50 – 100% discount for unrestricted platform versions as long as a proof of purchase is provided and the product in question is recorded as censored due to reasons)

We also provide full Documentation of the game content using JCRS (Jomarcenter’s Content Rating System) Which have full detail information on what content the game will have. And also available before purchasing on our website via JCRS Documentation.

We also

We also going to work with your local government if the game is misunderstood banned in the country.

Unlike other companies Jomarcenter Gaming Studio never target for a game for a certain age rating but target on what audience we wanted to ship our product to regardless if the rating are above or below the target audience.

Why we are doing this is to improved society in a way to accept the things that might offend them as this is unavoidable in the real world and to improve creativity as a whole by allowing creator to express them self by being open to create what they want.

If our partners have violated the Open Creativity Policy, Jomarcenter have full rights to void all contracts with them.

the open creativity Policy is created under Jomarcenter International and the JCRS team.