Site Renovation

As of today, the website is going to be renovated to improved quality of services.

Planned Changes:

  • Jomarcenter Gaming Studio post from the official Jomarcenter facebook fan page have been moved to it’s dedicated fan page at but updates for other product and services (Jomarcenter gaming gear, Jomarcenter Media) will still be posted on the official jomarcenter facebook fan page.
  • Game listing will be updated on all games that have been release and still being developed.
  • New quality of life content and updated game pages to reflect the new restructure of the studio.
  • New page to contact the studio will be added to the blog.
  • Revamped beta testing survey and beta tester registration form.

This is just the beginning of a new servicing year and we hope that the improvement will enhanced the new quality of life for all games and services in the future while improving product quality in the future.