Another World: The tree of Promises

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Another world is a new series written by MJM not related to the currently in development Future helper series. This is also a competition entry that is made for fun.

Promises can be easily fulfill by the tree of Promises as it grow every 1500 years
In the world of Vitania that is. But that doesn’t mean a promise from a person from Another world can’t experience it. Join Adrian and his new friend Sandra a Regular human being from a different world as his quest into finding out why he was sent to Vitania and find the truth by the growing power of the Country and the Tree of Promises.

A Ordinary person from a different sent to Vitania with no reasons or anything why
he was sent there.

A Witch in training somehow think she sent Adrian to her world. A very funny and clumsy girl who always seem to be carried away on anything.

– An all new story, An all new adventure into the world of Vitania
– A ton of Side-stories and Quests for you to enjoy.
– An Original Soundtrack series created by various Composers
– More feature coming soon.

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Preview Version 1.0