Town of illustive Episode 1

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Series Description

An empty town mysteriously appears on Halloween night. A group of students from Falica High School dare to enter the town and solve the mystery. Mysteries, ghosts, zombies – you name it. This town is filled with stories and magic that you cannot find in the outside world. But why is the town filled with such otherworldly mysteries? And how will they be solved? Episode 1 Consist of the introduction to the series and also the introduction of the hidden town that can only be reveled  on Halloween night.

Episode 1 Description

A group of three students from Falica High School have summoned the courage to enter a haunted house, formally owned by a rich pervert named Steven and his whorish mistress Mary, who both died a few years ago. They now make the house their haunt. Anyone who enters the house and is caught by the Ghost of Mary will take her place.


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